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The Joy Of Being A Kid Challenge


On July 7, 2018, he posted on Instagram stating, “Oh my goodness you guys! I just thought of an awesome challenge called The Joy Of Being A Kid Challenge! I have no idea when it’s going to be over or if it’s going to work. How I thought of this challenge was I was outside zooming my wheelchair back and fourth on my driveway, jamming to my Christian songs, then I saw sprinklers on the sidewalk.... Full of joy as I started to go through it for a bit. When it stopped I went back to my driveway and BAM!  I started to think about people with disabilities don’t have the luxury to be a normal kid. How I wasn’t able to crawl through the mud on the trail or just normal fun kid things that I wish or other people who are like me wish they could do that kind of stuff.

A disabled child sitting on the wheel chair plays kite with a regular kid

 I challenge you to be a friend of a disabled person and help them to do those kind of things that normal kids do. I don’t have this challenge all set but comment below of ideas for the challenge. Post pictures using the hashtag #TheJoyOfBeingAKidChallenge starting NOW!”


This challenge is to help disabled kids have fun like a regular kid!

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